"Dress based on classic corset"
Course "Dress based on classic corset"
Training programme:
1. Acquaintance with a classic wedding corset, features of processing, necessary materials/accessories
2. Patterns. How to adjust the size to a specific figure
3. Fabric preparation
4. Cutting of the corset
5. Assembling of the upper corset
6. Stitching of regilene, specific features of the work
7. Assembling of the lining
8. Sewing of upper corset with lining
9. Loops and their tuning
10. Cups
11. Serging the loops
12. Banding of the bottom edge
13. Bonus - skirt with lining

Write us to know about payment methods:
150 $
If you have any problems with a payment, please contact us.
How do the tutorials pass?
Classes take place on the spesific platform
All classes are available right after the payment
After the payment you will receive a link via e-mail to this spesific platform
You need to have stable internet connection
The course consists of several lessons
The lesson is a video with a step-by-step instruction of a specific stage of sewing
You can not download video lessons
Patterns are included in the course,
sizes: 36EU and 38EU
You can download the patterns to your computer to have it forever
The course includes scaling lesson, you will learn how to change the corset to the size of your customers (from 32EU up to 42EU)
Study period
You are given 3 months to finish the course
You are able to self-regulate the pace of your work
Download the patterns to your computer to have it forever
Necessary materials for the course:
Our studients results after finishing this course
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