Online-school of wedding dresses AURORA Sew
Full-time, part-time, online training in sewing wedding and evening dresses, corsets. Courses, intensives, master classes, webinars.
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Mikhailova Anna - designer, founder of the TM AURORA Couture
My name is Anna and this is my school you want to study at. I sew wedding dresses for 5 years. Quite a short time. However, during this time my AURORA Couture brand gained popularity not only across Russia, but also abroad. We grow, learn and develop every day in all directions. This allowed me to sew and sell more than 3,000 wedding dresses for 5 years.
I often share advice and experience with people and now I have decided that it is necessary to do it professionally.
In addition to step-by-step lessons and descriptions in courses I often share business tips in my blog, talk about my entrepreneurial experience. Join our team and start sewing incredible dresses!
Our courses
The courses are in the form of online video lessons. You can study anytime, anywhere. The only thing you need is access to the Internet.
Training period is 2 months, you decide how fast to move from one lesson to another. At the end of the course, you will receive a ready-to-sell product.
Form of study
We offer various forms of studing: online courses, face-to-face intensives, master classes, webinars
Mentor support to the student throughout the courses
You will receive a document confirming the completion of training
You study at a comfortable pace (up to 2 months)
All inclusive
Patterns and lessons on graduation included
Only trends!
We teach models which are demanded in the market and correspond to new trends
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Saint Petersburg, Russia

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